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Rob's View: The Road So Far

So for of those of you that don’t know, Lucy and I are on a life changing journey. We decided to chuck it all and buy a sailboat and see the world under sail. Seems simple right? Well yes and no. It ain’t easy selling all of your stuff, your house, your car, your stuff--man all your stuff! But we did.

Then, to add insult to injury, we had to give up something that gave us great pride and pleasure, a badge of honor if you will. We had to stop being Colorado residents! Instead, we had to choose between being residents of Texas, Florida or South Dakota. Don’t ask me why, the details will put you to sleep, but these three states make it easier for nomads to find a “virtual” home.

That’s right, NOMADS is what we are now: it’s when you have no permanent address--no physical place on terra firma--which is yours.

In the end it wasn’t much of a choice, it had to be Florida. Especially when we remembered all the bad things we have said about Texas from living in a Colorado mountain town overwhelmed by Texan tourists over the past 20 years! (Sorry Texas!)

So, to be a citizen of the great state of Florida, you have to register everything you own: car, camper, (wife). And then pay taxes on the whole lot. Let me tell you, if you don’t have a paper slaying, “i” doting, “t” crossing wife like I do, it would be a BIG pain in the ass. But now, drumroll please, after a few days of paper pushing it is over and we have new D.L.’s and license plates to prove it.

We spent weeks working on stuff like: packing up our old life, finding and purchasing a storage container and then installing it some place safe (see awesome video), organizing and packing the container while labeling each item for “long-term storage”, “camper”, “sailboat”, researching and preparing paperwork, opening new bank accounts, and on and on and on all while also balancing holiday time with family we are finely starting our adventure. You remember…the life changing adventure I mentioned earlier.

Now we get to start looking for our future home (no pressure, it’s just got to be the perfect boat for us). Of course we came to the right place to find a boat—Florida baby! But man! There are a lot of boats to look at down here.

So stay tuned kiddies, it’s about to get good!

…Unless you consider the fact that we keep talking about how we might really rather be in the Pacific North West to start the adventure. (d’oh!)

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