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Things That Make Us Laugh Out Loud

As we travel we see random things that make us laugh out loud and we want to share them with you! 
British Columbia, Canada


We are becoming big fans of Canada for many reasons, not least of which is their sense of humor which we find funniest when it shows up in their signage. 


Here are three signs we've found that have made us laugh out loud, hope they make you laugh too! 



Hatch, NM

I love communities that have a sense of humor and I love word play. When the two are combined, well, I gotta take a photo! 


We stopped at Hatch, NM to get gas and in the gas station was this hysterical t-shirt. They had other funny ones too (New Mexcio--we aren't "new" and we aren't "Mexico") but this was my favorite.


So whereas Hatch is mostly known for their award-winning chiles and corresponding festival, they will always be known to me for their sense of humor! 



State Parks, FL

The Florida state parks are spectacular, well maintained, and well loved. One of their rules is that pets cannot be left unsupervised for more than 30 minutes. Why? Because "nature is unpredictable". 


Nothing sums this up better than this educational poster hanging up in St Joseph's Penninsula.


The funny thing is it happened to poor Navi! He was tied up to the picinic table outside our camper while I was inside cooking dinner. Suddenly he started barking like mad and I couldn't see anything around. Then I looked at my had been just over 30 minutes since he went outside. :-)





Uranus, MO

It started with seeing highway billboards that said things like, "The Best Fudge is Found in Uranus".


Obviously the marketing department for this business had a sense of humor so we made sure to stop and check out their store (and their products--Rob reports that the fudge is quite delicious).


The whole drive to and from Uranus was filled with silly punny jokes--go ahead, I bet you can think of a few too! 





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